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More than sport

No one was hurt in the killing of this carbon

Peta Rule

WARNING: The following images may be disturbing to some viewers: 

The hull of the Big All

The hull of the Big All

WARC is relieved to report no injuries were sustained in this horrific crash that has potentially killed the Big Al. The Alan Salisbury Empacher eight was being rowed by the WA Men's Youth 8 up near Maylands when the boat struck submerged piping.

The Club is now working with Rowing WA to sort this matter with the insurers of the boat, and we have asked Brock to investigate removal of the piping with the Department of Transport's Marine Safety division.

It is worth noting the line the eight was taking has long been considered safe. We have no idea how long the pipes have been submerged at this point, so we cannot tell you if the damage was caused as a result of new hazards or a low tide.

This is the map Rowing WA issued via Facebook warning of the hazard:

It is fair to say river conditions in the warmer months are not as predictable as the winter months and while we view this as an accident that was pretty much unavoidable, it is a reminder to give "foul ground" extra berth when training.

The good news is, with no daylight savings in WA there is sufficient light to see easily so scan the horizon, and report any new hazards to so we can prevent any more carbon damage.

Row safe.