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Boat Use

Boat Use Policy


1.1 The West Australian Rowing Club is committed to providing rowing opportunities that match skill level and member goals

1.2 The West Australian Rowing Club recognises a balance must be struck between providing access to elite-level equipment and protecting the longevity of that equipment

1.3 This Policy aims to provide guidance on boat use based on minimising risks and maximising appropriate use of resources


2.1 Boats belonging to, and under the care of, the West Australian Rowing Club are classified as one of three categories: unrestricted, general and restricted, as designated by the Captain

2.2 Categories are to be updated each year by the Captain and Vice Captains and published in a prominent place within the Club.

2.2a Unrestricted: For use by any rower in the Learn To Row program and above

2.2b General: General use, for the use of any rower with a minimum of two competitive seasons training experience of sufficient standard; may be used by crews with less experience under the supervision of a coach

2.2c Restricted: Restricted use, to be used by athletes of a high level of proficiency with the aim of being competitive in B-grade level of State competition or above, or senior club members with more than five years rowing at a high level. Requires the permission of the Captain, or in their absence vice captains in all cases.

2.3 Boat allocation on ordinary training days is the responsibility of the coach, in line with the Boat Use Policy

2.4 Members wishing to row outside an allocated training session in a club boat must notify the club Captain, or in their absence vice-captain, a minimum of 24 hours prior to training.

2.5a A crew may row a boat under the specified average weight set for the boat if there is not a more appropriate boat available

2.5.b A crew may not exceed the specified average weight set for a boat by more than 10kg

2.6 All boats, including dinghies shall only be used for training and racing unless permission is given for alternate use

2.7 Rowers and coxswains must be able to swim a minimum of 50 metres, clothed and without assistance

2.8 No permanent alteration in any boat or equipment shall be made without permission from the Captain or Vice Captains

3. Boat damage

3.1 Boat damage must be reported via the club whiteboard, and if possible emailed to with a photograph of the damage and description

3.2 Reckless rowing/negligence will incur a fine of up to $100 per crew member at the discretion of the Captain. This includes but is not limited to:

  • hitting spit posts
  • colliding with another boat
  • beaching the boat
  • hitting the deck causing damage
  • having a rigger hit another boat in the shed causing damage
  • failing to secure a boat in high winds, resulting in damage
  • Bending the fin/rudder whilst placing the boat on the water
  • failing to report damage

3.3 Careless conduct that does not result in damage may incur a fine of up to $100. This includes but is not limited to:

  • dropping an oar onto a boat whilst carrying more than two oars
  • hitting the deck with the hull, no damage
  • rowing without a bow light
  • knowingly rowing during a thunderstorm or lightning
  • rowing on the wrong side of the course

4. Dinghy use

4.1 Dinghies may only be driven by, or under supervision of, a holder of a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket

4.2 Dinghies must be washed out once a week to prevent corrosion

4.2 Coaches are responsible for ensuring the bungs are secured prior to launching the boat and there is adequate fuel to complete a coaching session

4.3 Faults must be reported to the captain using the damage reporting system described in 3.1

4.4 Dinghies may only be used for Club rowing coaching and training purposes, unless permission is sought and granted by the Captain

5.0 Boat Naming

5.1 Boats will be named by a boat naming subcommittee, comprisiong of the current captain, a former captain and one other delegate who is either a Life Member or already has a boat named after them.

5.2 The boat naming committee will endeavour to choose names of individuals who have upheld the goals and values of the WA Rowing Club

5.3 Dinghys and single sculls need not bare the name of a person