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Responsible use of facilities


1.1 The West Australian Rowing Club is committed to protecting its heritage-listed club house to secure the future of the institution

1.2 The West Australian Rowing Club will provide fair access to members to the Club and considers its prime operations to be a competitive rowing club and community organisation

1.3 This policy aims to provide guidance over what is considered responsible use of the WA Rowing Club facilities


2.1 West Australian Rowing Club rowing operations managers, including captains and coaches, will make their best endeavours to ensure rowing activities do not interfere with River Room functions

2.2 The Management Committee of the West Australian Rowing Club will make best endeavours to ensure the activities of the River Room do not interfere with rowing operations or impede the best interest of the Rowing Club as a competitive sporting club and community-based organisation

2.3 All Rowing Club functions must have a set end-time no later than midnight

2.4 Members may not sleep at, or otherwise inhabit, the West Australian Rowing Club overnight unless during a Committee-sanctioned event (for example a school camp) with appropriate supervision

2.5 Club members may book the room for private functions through the exclusive function room operator. Details are available on the club website

2.6 Club members must seek approval of the Management Committee before booking the function room

2.7 Club equipment (including but not exclusive to ladders, trestle tables, tents, high-pressure cleaner etc) are the property of the WA Rowing Club and are not to be used for any purpose than that for which they were purchased by the Club, unless permission is sought from the Captain.

Note: Dinghy use is subject to the Boat Use policy.