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Junior Athlete Policy


1.1 The WA Rowing Club understands members aged under-18 are an important part of the fabric of the club

1.2 The WA Rowing Club acknowledges members aged under-18 may have special requirements in relation to supervision, access and transport

1.3 The WA Rowing Club is committed to including members aged under- 18 in the development of an appropriate training and learning environment

1.4 The aim of this policy is to provide guidance on how to manage issues that arise specific to members aged under-18, their parents and guardians


2.1 Coaches and volunteers working with, or acting as guardian for, members aged under-18 will be required to obtain a Working With Children check (WWC). The Club may, at the Committee’s discretion, pay full cost of obtaining a WWC where relevant.

2.2 Members aged under-18 must be supervised at all times when training or rowing by a responsible adult. If an adult member finds a member aged under-18 is unsupervised, they should assume responsibility for the member’s safety until a parent/guardian or supervisor can be found.

2.3 The West Australian Rowing Club is unable to provide the same level of auxiliary support as a school program and is responsible for members aged under-18 during training and rowing sessions only

2.4 Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting members under-18 to and from club activities.

2.5 If a club member is taking responsibility for transporting a fellow member aged under 18 in a private vehicle, that member is responsible for ensuring all legal requirements are met (eg seatbelts). If the member aged under-18 is unwilling to follow direction, the parents or guardian must be alerted to establish alternative arrangements.

2.6 The WA Rowing Club understands images of children can be used inappropriately or illegally and will not publish images for any purpose other than coaching without permission of a parent/guardian.

2.6.1 The WA Rowing Club will advise parents/guardians that footage may be taken for coaching purposes, and the Club will take all reasonable steps to prevent the inappropriate use of footage and images

2.7 The WA Rowing Club will encourage parents/guardians to actively participate in their child’s rowing experience, including volunteering with shore-based tasks, volunteering or potentially gaining coaching qualifications

2.8 Members aged under-18 should be adequately protected with clothing, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Those without will not be allowed on the water.

2.9 Adult club members will behave in a manner that is appropriate for an environment where people aged under-18 may be present.

2.10 At the discretion of the Committee, coaching training may be funded for parents of athletes aged under-18.

2.11 Selection of crews is at the sole discretion of the coach and club and is final