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Life Members


1.1 The West Australian Rowing Club is committed to appropriately recognising the dedication and contribution of members to the Club over a long period of time

1.2 The West Australian Rowing Club values and promotes its history, and the role individual members have played in its success

1.3 This policy aims to provide guidance on the selection and subsequent rights of Life Members, in addition to rules described in the Constitution



2.1 Members may be nominated for Life Membership by a Life Membership Committee, consisting of existing life members

2.2 The Life Membership Committee may also include an ordinary member, as nominated by the Management Committee, to act in a support role.

2.3 The Life Membership Committee should endeavour to nominate members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to WARC over a period of time, specifically members who have:

"Always put their efforts towards supporting and building the club first and foremost, and whose presence has been a driving force for the betterment of WARC and rowing generally."

2.4 The identity of nominees should tabled by the Life Membership Committee to the Management Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting each year

2.5 The nomination should demonstrate how the nominee has met the following criteria:

  • 2.5a 10 years membership at WARC
  • 2.5b Exceptional competitive achievement for the club at local/state/international representation.
  • 2.5c Exceptional administrative achievement
  • 2.5d Exceptional contribution to the sport of rowing generally

A candidate must satisfy 2.5(a) and a minimum of two other criteria.

“Exceptional” may include:

  • Achieving a State title, being part of a WA crew at a national level, and/or potential international representation on the Australian team. It may include an athlete who has competed at a consistent high level over many seasons representing WARC.
  • Committee representation for at least 5 years, with leadership demonstrated in administrative change and new systems.

"Exceptional" may also take into account:

  • Committee members who have ensured the best interest of the club have always been central to decisions,
  • Committee members who have actively upheld Club Rules
  • Committee members who have contributed significantly to fundraising efforts
  • Recognition for introducing new members and coaches to the Club
  • Recognised achievement in umpiring, administration, or other service by Rowing WA can be taken into consideration but is not a primary reason for life membership.

2.6 The Life Membership Committee should endeavour to take into account any precedents and the number of existing active life members as part of their deliberations


3.1 The Life Membership Committee will endeavour to keep a complete list of life members, both past and present, with regularly-updated contact details 

3.2 The Life Membership Committee will endeavour to table the complete list of life members to the Management Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting each year

3.3 Life members are considered to have the same rights and responsibilities as ordinary members, including all benefits associated with full membership such as boat storage and access to the Wesley gymnasium

3.4 Life members will receive specific invitation to events such as the Annual Dinner, Annual General Meeting and Club functions

3.5 Life members are not expected to pay membership fees to WARC, or associated Rowing WA fees. This dispensation does not extend to oar fees.

3.6 The Club may, at the Committee’s discretion, waive other costs associated with membership such as entry to the Annual Dinner