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Private rowing equipment


1.1 The West Australian Rowing Club is committed to supporting the rowing experience of all members at all levels

1.2 The West Australian Rowing Club recognises the commitment and higher level of support required by members aiming to compete in State, National and International competition

1.3 This policy aims to provide guidance on how private boat storage requests are assessed in a fair and equitable manner, whilst balancing the needs of club equipment for all members


2.1 The WARC Management Committee and may strike an agreement with terms of use for equipment purchased privately for the benefit of club members on a case-by-case basis.

2.2 Ordinary and life members of the West Australian Rowing Club may apply to store rowing equipment at the club

2.3 In the event the equipment owner is no longer a member of the West Australian Rowing Club, the management committee reserves the right to evict the boat, providing four weeks’ notice is given.

2.4 New requests: A request for the storage of a private boat and/or equipment is to be made in writing to the Captain in the first instance, including a description of the equipment, manufacturer, identifying marks and serial numbers

2.5 The request is to detail the reason for storage at the WARC boat shed and the duration of storage (eg: off season, ongoing etc)

2.6 The committee will assess and approve each application on a case-by-case basis based on (but not limited to) the following priority:


  • The boat is used in competition
  • Member's service to the Club

2.6b Meets minimum use requirements:

  • Under 30 row at least 50 sessions per annum
  • Aged 30 to 45 row at 40 sessions per annum
  • Aged 45-55 row at least 30 sessions per annum
  • Aged over 55 row at least 25 sessions per annum

2.7 The boat to be stored shall not be insured by the West Australian Rowing Club. WARC recommends owners take out private insurance

2.8 Management of equipment storage is the responsibility of the Captain, or vice captain or relevant delegate as nominated by the Captain

2.9 A storage fee shall be set by the committee and may be varied by the Committee when Annual Fees are decided.

2.10 Storage fees will be paid with annual membership fees

2.11 In the event the Club has insufficient space for priority equipment, the Club reserves the right to reappropriate space rented for private equipment in line with priorities listed in 2.6(a) and (b)

2.12 Fees for storage commenced during the membership year will be assessed on the same basis as for membership fees in accordance with the constitution

2.13 The Committee reserves the right to waive the storage fee based on the applicant’s contribution to the club, eg Life Membership

2.14 The West Australian Rowing Club will take all reasonable care when transporting privately-owned equipment, however will not accept liability for damage when reasonable care is taken

2.15 Privately-owned equipment that is loaned by the owner to another member with permission is done so at the owner’s risk.

2.16 Privately-owned equipment is not to be used by anyone other than the owner without explicit permission being granted. Any breach will be taken very seriously

2.17 Damage caused in instances where privately-owned equipment is being used without permission is the responsibility of the user