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Policy 12: Training 1. RATIONALE AND PURPOSE

1.1 The West Australian Rowing Club recognises the responsibility of members to use both the club and surrounds responsibly

1.2 Members of the West Australian Rowing Club are expected to abide by river rules as set by state and local authorities

1.3 This policy aims to provide guidance on rowing best practice to foster a safe, responsible and egalitarian training environment



2.1 All members must own their own bowlight which can be loaded to the bow of rowing boats and meets all requirements as set by WA law, namely a 360 degree constant white light

2.2 Any member found to be rowing without a bowlight when it is dark enough to be required may face a fine or ban from training. This is a significant safety risk.


3.1 All members are expected to familiarise themselves with the preferred training lines for rowing boats to safely navigate obstacles and bridge arches in the Swan River

3.2 Members whose training results in equipment damage due to rowing contrary to the river rules will be subject to the Boat Use damage policy

3.3 Permissable training lines are detailed in the downloadable PDF, reflecting the below image: Map PDF

river rules


4.1 The deck of the WA Rowing Club can be extremely hazardous. Members will take absolute care and wear socks when on the deck

4.2 The deck will be scrubbed regularly, with the task shared equally among active members


5.1 The deck of the WA Rowing Club can become congested. Rowers will launch and land with efficiency in mind

5.2 Recognised WA Rowing Club squads will have priority access. When more than one squad is rowing, coaches and athletes are expected to cooperate to expedite landing and launching

5.3 Members choosing to row outside the WARC squad structure are expected to give way