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Perth, WA

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Life Members

WARC is indebted to the many people who have kept her afloat, sometimes literally, in almost 145 years of rowing on the Swan. We are collecting information on our life members (because we don't have much, we are guilty of taking them for granted) so if you are one, please fill out our survey below. (*denotes a written profile below.)

Current Life Members

T. Scook *

C. Somerset

A. Taylor

J. Vos *

C. Walker *

C. Williams

I. Dadour *

S. Guy *

A. Jolly *

D. Mason *

R. McKenzie

R. Poole

A. Salisbury *

Past Life Members

K.W. Langley

L.E. Le Souef *

R. Little

E.U. Long

A. McHarrie

G.E. Mettam

E.J. Negus

G.A. Negus *

O.J. Negus

G. Parker

S.H. Parker

W. Parker

G.E. Rogers *

A. Sadler

E.S. Scott

J.R. Sharples

R.A. Sholl

F.D. Slee

G.H. Stone

S. Underwood

W.A.G. Walker

J.L.C. Wickham








E.F. Darlot

A.F.C. During

A.H. Filmer

H.D. Forbes

M.  Frances

M.A.C. Fraser

D.H. Fraser

S. Gorton

R.C. Hare

W. Hare

E.W. Haynes

G.F. Hillman

V.A. Human

W.T. Irvine

M.J. Jephson

H.S. King

Col Leslie Le Souef, MD, OBE, ED

Col Le Souef founded the plastic surgery and burns units at Royal Perth and Princess Margaret Hospitals, was a decorated member of the armed forces and leader of the medical profession in Australia.

George Edgar Rogers (1882- 1960)

Member from: 1907, until death in 1960

  • Joined WARC in 1907, was undefeated single sculler for subsequent 17 years

  • Stroked the AIF Wattle Rowing Club crew to victory at the Marlow peace regatta

  • In 1921, stroked the winning crew in the inaugural Kings Cup regatta

  • Won 39 State Championships in sculls, pairs, fours and eights

  • Won the inaugural Perth to Fremantle in 1952, aged 67

  • His ashes were scattered over the three-mile (4.8 km) championship rowing course on the Swan River over which he had competed so often and which he so loved.

terry scook collage.jpg

Terry Scook (1934-)

  • Coxed the 1958 WA Kings Cup crew

  • Coxed the Men's Australian 8 at Rome in 1960

  • Famous for his "length and drive, six and five" call to the power of the boat

  • Coxed the 1968 WARC crew which went to Henley to mark the club's centenary

  • Had a men's pair named after him, as reported in this edition of the Poppet

Alan Salisbury, 83, with his boat the Mary Salisbury

Alan Salisbury, 83, with his boat the Mary Salisbury

Alan Salisbury
Member from: 1950 (Captain 1954, 1955, 1960, 1990, 1991)
Inducted in: TBC
Major achievements

  • Joined WARC aged 17

  • Used his trade as a Boilermaker to fix just about everything

  • Competed in more than 20 consecutive Perth to Fremantle boatraces in a single scull

  • Coached school programs with success at national level, including athletes who are still competitive at WARC

  • Competed in World Masters in '13 and '14

  • Still trains most days.

John Vos completing repair work on the WARC launch deck

John Vos completing repair work on the WARC launch deck

John Vos stroking an eight, with partner-in-crime Clem Williams in seven seat

John Vos stroking an eight, with partner-in-crime Clem Williams in seven seat

John "Vos'y" Vos
Member from: 1964 (Captain 1971)
Inducted in: 1992

Major achievements: 

  • Maintenance committee member for many years

  • Former Vice President

  • State Championship titles in 1969, 1970. Won the Perth to Fremantle in 1967 and won 22 "maiden" four races in one season.

The WARC has been a fantastic Club... [it] has come such a long way in the last 50 years since I first joined... today the Club is in a very strong position both in membership and equipment, and with great prospects for the future.

Ian "Pig" Dadour

Member from: 1973, past secretary
Inducted in: 2013
Major acheivements

  • Been a long time member of the "Grumpies"

  • Steadfastly supported the club through difficult years during the 1980s

  • Assisted in specialised pest control as required

Debbie Mason

Debbie Mason

Debra (Debbie) Mason

Member from: 1998
Inducted in: 2010
Major achievements:

  • Treasurer 2000-2005

  • 2000 Club Member of the Year

  • Bookkeeper 2007-2012

  • Coach - various years and levels, 2015-16 coach of the WA Master's Men's Eight

  • Regular member of WARC's senior women's squad, most recently in 2015 at age 54

  • Member of winning WA State Masters 8 in 2010 and various Masters State Championships


Catriona (Triona) Walker

Member from: TBC
Inducted in: 2010
Major achievements:

  • Coach and advocate for para- and masters-age rowing

  • Director of Club Development at Rowing WA

  • Coach and member of WA Women's Masters Eight

  • First mother inducted as a life member at WARC

Dr Susanne Guy with daughter Clara

Dr Susanne Guy with daughter Clara

Dr Susanne Guy

Member from: 2004, Captain 2007
Inducted in: 2015
Major Achievements: 

  • First female Captain in WARC history

  • Member of the WARC senior women's squad for five years

  • Donated the first weight-appropriate eight for female rowers

Guy Negus

Member from: 1936-1998
Patron: 1987-1994, Captain 1950, 
Major Achievements:

  • Wrote the history of WARC for the 1968 centenary, then updated again to 1998

  • Selected for Kings Cup crews 1945 and 1946

  • Spearheaded restoration of the clubhouse during the 1960s

  • Various war-related accolades

Circa 2003

Circa 2003

The SRRC building stood next to us at the time in a slightly better state to than ours, however was pulled down during the period when both our clubs were condemned. I don’t think we had the funds to follow up with the demolition which was fortunate, as it’s really wonderful to see her standing today with her heritage, a solid and vibrant rowing community, quality boats, while all being located in the heart of the City and EQ.
— Alex Jolly

Alex Jolly

Member from: 1973-77 (cox and maiden rower); 1999
Inducted in: 2016

Alex's has had a long history with the club from 1973 (bar a period when he was working away through the 80's and 90's), and he witnessed those sad days in the late 70's when there were just 4 – 6 competitive rowers and the place was in an extremely sorry state of repair.


Major achievements:

  • 1999 Coming back into rowing and losing 15kg in the process, under some coaching guidance from David Milne

  • Two times winner of Perth to Freo (single scull)

  • 2002 World Masters competitor in Ballarat, Vic.

  • 2003 Commenced coaching WARC Novice Women2005 State Championships (Winners of Maiden, Junior and Masters 8's, 2nd in Open 8)

  • 2010 Crew member of National Masters State Quad Scull and Winner of Masters C Grade National Pair with D Salisbury

  • 2005 – 2006 Stepped up my own coaching capability under quality guidance by S Leyland

  • 2007 – 2009 WARC senior women's coach

  • 2008 – 2009 Shared coaching role with WARC Nationals summer programme

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