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New members and visitors


1.1 The West Australian Rowing Club is committed to providing an avenue for all rowing enthusiasts to engage with the sport

1.2 The West Australian Rowing Club aims to cater to individual membership needs

1.3 This Policy aims to provide guidance on how visitors and prospective members are managed to ensure the club and visitor/prospective members are not at risk, whilst remaining flexible to encourage membership.


2.1 A visitor to the club wishing to row pays $10 per rowing session and/or access to the club. This cost is to cover the cost of associated administration and insurance costs incurred by the club.

2.2 A visitor is a person who is an experienced rower wishing to row for a short period of time and does not wish to become a formal club member. For example, a person visiting from overseas wishes to row at the club for a three-week period.

2.3 A visitor who wishes to row and/or use the facilities for a period greater than three weeks is required to liaise with the Captain or membership officer regarding the appropriate pro-rata fee.

2.4 A prospective member is a person wishing to “try out” the club prior to becoming a formal club member.

2.5 A prospective member may have a total of two weeks or six sessions free, whichever comes first. After these sessions, the person is required to become a formal member should they wish to continue rowing.

2.6 Prospective and visitor memberships do not include any Corporate Challenge, Learn to Row courses or similar which incur separate fees.

2.7 Each person is required to complete and sign a formal club membership form. With this action, the person becomes a member of the club and is bound by the club rules, regulations, code of conduct and policies. The person is provided with information on where to access these documents.

2.8 The club “supervisor” of the person (eg: coach, experienced member, committee member) is to ensure the visitor/prospective member is aware of the boat handling and all safety requirements and the temporary/prospective member should be supervised where appropriate.

2.9 If the visitor/prospective member is under 18 years and the club “supervisor” is 18 years or older, the club “supervisor” is required to hold a current Working With Children Check card.


3.1 The Club visitor or prospective member is required to contact the Captain to ascertain access requirements and level of experience.

3.2 The Captain or appropriate Committee Member delegated by the Captain (membership officer) ensures the visitor/prospective member completes and signs the Membership Form and pays appropriate fee.

3.3 The visitor or prospective member forms and fees are forwarded to the Executive Officer by the delegate, who holds and processes the club Membership forms for records.

3.4 At the completion of the duration of the visitor membership as stipulated on the form, the membership expires.