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Perth, WA

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More than sport

Red goes faster

Peta Rule

6am, this Sunday

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The story goes there was once a man named Chook. He was a good man - nay, a great man.

Chook hadn't rowed a race one season and to celebrate this remarkable achievement of having trained all season without taking a stroke in anger, a great tradition was born.

One sunny Sunday morning, shortly before Christmas, the inaugural Chook Cup was held, and crews got together for a ridiculous round of scratch racing. The first event was won by the formidable Dutch tank Jorien Leidekker in stroke seat, who possibly just terrified everyone into submission.

Subsequent years resulted in young Matt Cochran winning the event - but only from the cox seat. Jellyfish wars became the norm. Sometimes there's firefighters. Sometimes there's inappropriate commentary.

There is always hilarity.

So please come down and prepare to participate in the fourth... fifth? maybe sixth? Third? Who knows, I'm not counting... recently RENAMED AND REBRANDED Reindeer Cup. Although we liked Sally's suggestion of renaming the Chook Cup to another nomenclature for male chickens, we've decided to go with something altogether more PC in deference to the great man himself.

For newbies, if you didn't know Chook, or Jorien, or anyone else, this is the time to force scripture of your name in the historic annals of WARC. This is the day to create your legend.

For everyone else, there will be bacon.