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Return of the Raffle Tickets

Peta Rule

For those of us who have sold raffle tickets, it is critically important to make sure you return your books in a responsible manner.

As an incorporated body, WARC has a responsibility to make sure all money owed to the club is accounted for and looked after. So, here's some advice:


Transfer $400 (the value of the entire book) into the following WARC bank account

  • BSB 036 011  
  • ACCOUNT: 202083

Use your name and the number of your first ticket as the reference.

Please either

  1. PRINT the remittance confirmation and return with your completed raffle book stubs;
  2. Or EMAIL confirmation of payment to AND 

We have to manually match up the incoming cash with the ticket stubs so we ask you make it as easy as possible and make sure you tell us what you've done.

Not as preferred but ok: CASH

Carefully count that you are handing in $400 to either: Janet Smith, Lou Sammut, Lauren Reeves or Carolyn Murdoch.

Hand in the cash with all your sold ticket stubs. Please make sure all ticket stubs are filled out and match the amount of cash being handed in.


If you have the ability, the easiest way to manage this is to buy the ticket book yourself outright and transfer the cash to WARC straight away, then keep the incoming cash from ticket sales. This reduces the risk to you of losing or miscounting cash by reducing the amount of times cash changes hands.

We're talking big amounts of money and a lot of work behind the scenes to add it all up, so we're asking everyone to take this responsibility seriously.


For some, selling comes easily. For others, it feels a bit like pulling teeth, so here are some creative ideas:

1. Gen tells us all her mates are broke uni students, so she's taking her raffle book when she walks the dog and goes to boxing classes. Don't be afraid to hit up people not in your normal social circle.

2. Perfect your two-sentence pitch: "Hi, did you get your raffle ticket for our 10,000 holiday to wherever you want? The tickets are $20 but we're only selling a limited number of them, so the odds are good."

3. Try not to hit up people who have already bought a ticket. Ideally we'd be given out "visual markers" to people who have bought tickets already - I'll look to line up some stickers for the Open Day or something.

Here a couple of resources:


Good luck, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or queries.