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Rowing Open Day

Peta Rule

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WARC is taking part in the Rowing WA Open Day to promote rowing across the community.

This is a pretty decent marketing push. WARC Is already heavily involved in marketing both the club and the sport. This year we have appeared on radio shows, in the newspaper, have had a stall at the Barrack Square market, and have a high level of engagement on our social media accounts.

Thus it is important for WARC to join this coordinated marketing effort to raise the profile of rowing. Find out about the city-wide Rowing Open Day here.

Newly-appointed Head Coach Joe Tamigi is playing point on the WARC effort and here are our intentions for the day:

Task 1: Requires one person, tape and a printer. 

Putting up signs around Barrack square to direct people our way, even just big red arrows will spark some curiosity.

Task 2: Requires two people in zoot suits. We have sufficient fliers from RWA.

Athletes down at Barrack Square walking around in zooties saying hello and handing out the open day flyers. 

Task 3: Requires six people to wrangling the tent and gear, and someone to build a Top Gear style erg and watt bike leaderboard. 

Setting up the tent, an erg and a watt bike in the loading bay. (Watt bike on loan from Trinity) 

We can have a competition for a 6 second max wattage test on the watt bike in exchange for a water bottle and their contact info. The State-wide erg test will be 200m so they can do this also. 

Task 4: Requires a tech head to wrangle video and get footage from Dean. 

Put Dean's oarsome 2015 video on loop on the TV's upstairs to really show what we are about. I have shown it at schools and people are blown away and really interested in rowing afterwards.

Task five: Requires six people: one person with skippers ticket, four people on boat launch assistance, one person on deck control.

Joe has organised to borrow two of the flat bottom hardened plastic sculls from Trinity/St Hilda's, they are super easy to balance and great for beginners. We could set up a buoy 50m from the shed and time people getting around it. (they need to sign a waiver first that says they can swim) and have the tinny on the water for safety. Doubt many will take up this option so probably don't need members manning this station all day, it could be on a case by case basis.

Task six: requires two people on standby to conduct club tours, bring a whiteboard downstairs, have club details to hand out.

We could run one every 20 mins, (but only 15 mins duration). Listing when the next one starts on the white board out the front, could spruik Sassys on the board as a good spot to grab a coffee while waiting. (note: we've not set times on previous club tours - just taken groups as they arrived - but depending on number of people, this may work in this instance.

Task 7: requires a trestle table and someone to man it, and speak to Janet about getting the poster.

Selling raffle tickets is a no-brainer, we have posters to promote it that have been used at the Barrack Square markets.