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More than sport

And the award goes to...

Peta Rule

The Annual Dinner on Friday night just gone was a kickarse event recognising the very (very) many of athletes who worked to make 2014 a stellar year.

We had a few interesting new highlights. Of course, Dean Neal's incomparable movie work was much anticipated and so we post it here for those who missed out. This amazing footage covers 16 regattas, from four different types of cameras, 831 video clips, and one fairly big edit for 12-minutes.

Sit back, put it on full-screen HD, crank the music and enjoy, we are so lucky to count Dean as one of our members.

We also need to recognise those who couldn't make it on the night. To Joe Morris, who got married - and some of his crewmates who were there to support him, congratulations.

To the Boston Four, you were certainly not forgotten on the evening and we look forward to a beverage or six when you get back.

And to Kevin Wall, who was in Sydney for the next Time Trial, we wished you the absolute best of luck.

To Rhett Ayliffe who recounted the power of motivation (as inscribed on a coaster), the challenges facing Western Australians to make it to the Olympics and his reflections on training and club life, we also thankyou (and say welcome back to WA!)

And to Janet, Amelia and Stef who organised the evening, fantastic work. I think the "Night Garden theme resulted in probably one of the best set-ups we've ever had. Congrats.

In terms of a photo gallery from the night, I'm sure we'll have more pix come trickling through in coming days. In the meantime, you can see photos from the night on Instagram by searching #warcdinner.

Now, here are the award-winners:

Most Improved Male Rower:

  • Nominees: Jono and Lewis
  • Winner: Scuba Steve Harman

Most Improved Female Rower:

  • Nominees: Alison, Kirsty and Nan Sammut
  • Winner: Lauren Reeves

Most Improved Sculler:

  • Nominees: Dean Neal, Joe Morris, Peter Klemm
  • Winner: Kirsty Augustson

Most Consistent Male Rower:

  • Nominees: Joe Morris, Deano and Matt Cochran
  • Winner: Darryl Salisbury

Most Consistent Female Rower

  • Nominees: Kirsty Augustson, Deb Mason, Nel Austin
  • Winner: NAN SAMMUT (needs caps, she was possibly the most stoked award winner we've ever had)

Most Consistent Sculler

  • Nominees: Matt Cochran and Wakeford
  • Winner: Nel Austin

Most Prominent Coxswain

  • Nominees: Darryl Salisbury, Jono, Nel Austin
  • Winner: Genevieve Vinciguerra

Young Member of the Year

  • Nominees: Gen, Bella Lie and Lewis
  • Winner: Jono Ashby

Club Member of the Year

All nominees received a coveted WARC gold (bowside) oar blade keyring in recognition of going above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Nominees: Janet Smith, Jess Coyle, Matt Cochran, PBR
  • Winners: Kirsty Augustson and Dean Neal

Best Rower of the Year

  • Nominees: Hannah Vermeersch and Nel Austin
  • Winner: Matt "Butz" Cochran

For the curious (basically Su Guy and Marie Limb who I know will read this post right to the end) the coaches gifts were a very speccy watch for Shaun from the women; and a carton of Emu Export for Jimmy plus a voucher of some description from the men; a pair of Tiffany earrings for Gen in recognition of her coxing; a set of George Jensen candlesticks for Wakeford for being captain which is, as we all know, a job for mugs.

(the Blog Boss isn't sure not sure what the development squad gave Deb and Nick but we're sure it was awesome.)

And I should give a special mention to Kirsty, who presented Shaun with his award and titled her speech about his exploits: "Redemption." Well done champ.

Until we do it all again in 2015,

Row well WARC.