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More than sport

Boston, heritage and masters

Peta Rule

Bit of a random blog post for you today: Heritage, Boston and masters!

Firstly let's get into the Boston event. Kevin Wall rowed in an LTA boat for Balmain Rowing Club, he's pictured above in his spiffy Balmain jacket although truth be told, we can't wait to see him back in the cardinal and gold.

Pictured from left, Bill Hutton, Peter Klemm, Peter Panizza and Darryl Salisbury (did you mean to stand in height order guys?) competed in the men's coxed four event and placed a pretty good 12th. I think.

We're very sad the guys won't be with us for Friday's annual dinner but we are sure to drink a toast (or five) to them in recognition of being the athletes to travel the furtherest for this event.

On to more media stuff: I (PBR) did an interview on Saturday for the Perth Heritage open day. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out - particularly Su Guy who I forgot to thank on Facbeook. Dee, Vossy and the team were particularly chuffed to meet Graham Norton, who at 89 is still going strong and had rowed "back in the day". He is in at least two photographs that are in the River Room and Dee assured him he was quite the spunk back when he was rowing.

And finally, here's a collection of 50 of Dean's best photographs from World Masters. It was an absolutely fantastic trip for the 12 WARCers who took part, but it really was Dean Neal who made this happen, from lining up the boats to recording the whole thing so we have a memento of the journey.

Viva la WARC.