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Quick update on the deck works: The Department of Transport has advised in writing that:

The Department of Sport and Recreation has advised verbally that:

We have also written to LotteryWest to establish whether there is any scope for potential funding with them. It's very unlikely as they don't fund sporting clubs like ours, however there may be heritage scope.

If the answer is "no" from all Government agencies, we may be able to approach Heritage.

The Swan River Trust wrote back on the matter of the part five permit, saying:

It may be that a permit application can be made if the works are for repairs to or maintenance of an existing structure which –

(i)                  Are not related to a change of use of any part of the structure; and (ii)                Do not alter the structure’s function or appearance.

 A part 5 development application may be required for any change, addition to any structure – or any new development.

Our Statutory planning section will be able to advise you better of the application process you will need to undertake. I will forward your query to them, and ask they contact you to advise.

I will keep you all up to date on this.