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More than sport

Perth to Freo - north to south

Peta Rule

Due to significant bellyaching and whinging from the masses, I have reoriented the Perth to Freo map to have north pointing north. In my defense, for many years this was the map rowers and coxswains used for the race: original map


I've no idea why they had north pointing sort of north-east, but I'd guess most scullers and coxswains who have done the race would be familiar with this map.

So in an effort to be a more technically correct (the best type of correct) club, here is the same map, in colour, carefully lined up to accurately match the Google map of the river and oriented with north pointing up:

P2F map oriented north


Or you can of course download the PDF and keep a copy yourself here: P2F oriented north

Now, for those wondering how I worked out the distances: No, I did not Garmin it.

I used this site:

The bonus of this site is I didn't have to leave my office to work out the distance. I will point out John Morgan did offer to provide his Garmin results from the historic Last Race of the Clarkson, when the six men of Squad X completed the course, happily beating at least one novice women's crew. Ah, good times.