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More than sport

Saga of the Slips: Part seven

Peta Rule

So this is a pretty serious blog post and here's a few updates on what is happening at WARC that helps keep us afloat: Big snaps to Jess Coyle.

We took $3500 from the regatta hosting - this is a record for us. Thanks to Carron for the coffee, MM for the lasagne and everyone who prepared food. We excelled ourselves and I think we pretty much set the bar. It was a huge effort.

Big snaps to Kirsty and the quiz gang.

We also took about $2500 from the quiz night. Added bonus that a very worthy team won both the night, and most of the silent auction items.

(Personally these two things have made for a very happy President, as it's rare we walk out of a committee meeting to find we've raised more than we've spent. WHOOP!)

Epic snaps to the deck gang.


The lads replaced $2500 worth of timber on the deck, saving WARC a stack of cash in labor. To Dr Nick who was our safety officer, Chief Engineer John Vos and general legend Alan Salisbury. To Joe and the thermals, MM and the lasagne, Smithy and the timelapse...

This footage demonstrates how teamwork doesn't just move the boat. It keeps us functioning. From everyone at WARC, thankyou, you have kept us going.

The decking gangI am also hoping to get the above pic with a few action shots (thanks Smithy) framed for the wall. Below is Mike Smith's fantastic gallery of the project.


Still on the deck...

Jess Donnelly, Janet Smith and I (PBR) met with DSR on Friday July 11 to discuss whether our deck replacement program can be considered for funding through DSR. The issue is primarily we are located over water, which in most instances would rule us out.

However, we wrote to the Minister for Sport and Recreation Tuck Waldron explaining we felt it was probably not the intention of the original writers of the rule to exclude rowing clubs, and it would seem that has been considered seriously, hence the meeting.

DSR has contacted us to say they expect to come back with a ruling within a month. You can read the summary of our meeting with DSR here:

Club access by road

Works around Barrack Street are continuing, and I'm advised work on the Hilton DoubleTree (that would be the large concrete slab next door) are due to start in the next few months.

As a result, Leighton Broad are investigating alternative exit options for WARC.

I met with Leighton Broad this week to discuss our preferences and requirements in relation to the exit, which are detailed here:

The new girl

We've got a new girl in the club, a women's pair/double. Be nice to her. :)