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Perth, WA

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Learn to row

All the details about Learn to Row classes at the WA Rowing Club

'New to rowing? We run two-week Learn to Row courses from October to February each year. Training is on Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

If you have rowing experience and would like to get involved earlier, please email our Head Coach Joseph Tamigi on

  Lean to Row courses run from October to February at the WA Rowing Club

Lean to Row courses run from October to February at the WA Rowing Club


The 2018/19 Summer dates are:

  • Course 1 (27 Sept - 6 Oct 2018): Thur 27th, Sat 29th, Mon 1st, Thur 4th, Sat 6th.

  • Course 2 (11 Oct - 20 Oct 2018): Thur 11th, Sat 13th, Mon 15th, Thur 18th, Sat 20th.

  • Course 3 (01 Nov - 10 Nov 2018): Thur 1st, Sat 3rd, Mon 5th, Thur 8th, Sat 10th.

  • Course 4 (15 Nov - 24 Dec 2018): Thur 15th, Sat 17th, Mon 19th, Thur 22nd, Sat 24th.

  • Course 5 (10 Jan - 19 Jan 2019): Thur 10th, Sat 12th, Mon 14th, Thur 17th, Sat 19th.

  • Course 6 (24 Jan - 2 Feb 2019): Thur 24th, Sat 26th, Mon 28th, Thur 31st, Sat 2nd.

  • All sessions start at 5:15am sharp and finish at 7.15am(ish)

Cost: $195

Cost includes:

  • Access to new equipment specially designed for athletes beginning their rowing careers. This is the only course in WA that uses new equipment for beginner athletes

  • Coaching from one of WARC's most experienced coaches

  • Support from program coordinator

  • Special guest assistance each session from WARC rowers, some of whom will be graduates of the program and some who will be experienced and potentially elite-level athletes

 Jimmy O'Regan (centre) with some athletes who have participated in WARC Learn to Row programs

Jimmy O'Regan (centre) with some athletes who have participated in WARC Learn to Row programs


Register your interest for a course via the form below or by emailing 

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Frequently asked questions

Q: I rowed at school years ago, do I need to do a Learn to Row course?

A: Like so many things in rowing, it depends. If you rowed for at least one school season and would be confident in your ability to obey commands to safely lift a boat, going straight into our development squad may be an option. The learn to row course can be a great refresher however if you already know the difference between the gate, sleeve, gunwale, and button, you may not need to go back to basics.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: We are happy to have athletes enroll in a Learn to Row course from the year they turn 14. There's lots of documentation about age limits in rowing and you're welcome to check it out. The reason we've put the age limit at 14 is that it means after a solid year sculling, we can transition athletes into different types of boats and vary their learning experience and rowing options. 

Note: It is best particularly for younger athletes to enroll in a course as a group. Rowing together with peers is way more fun and we encourage young athletes to bring mates along. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information!

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: Yes, equipment is designed for an average weight of 80-85Kg, with an individual maximum of 105Kg. 

Q: Do I need to wear one of those all-in-one lycra numbers like in the Olympics?

A: No, however loose clothing is a bad idea as it will get caught in the equipment. A close fitting workout shirt and shorts is perfectly acceptable. 

You also need to make sure you wear socks in the boat and on our deck, and be prepared to get those socks pretty wet and dirty.

Q: Do I need to be able to swim?

A: Yes. It is a rare that anyone ends up in the river during the learning stages of rowing, and the Swan is shallow enough that in most places it's possible for someone of average height to stand. However rolling a boat can be a bit scary and it's best that you are comfortable with being in the water before embarking on your rowing journey. 

 You don't have to wear a "zoot suit" but they do help you go fast -

You don't have to wear a "zoot suit" but they do help you go fast -


Q: I can't make it to all the sessions, can I still complete the course?

A: To be honest, if you can't make all the sessions in a course, it's best to skip the course altogether and enroll in the next one. There's quite a lot to take in, and we've generally found skipping classes will mean your skill level might be a bit behind by the end of the five sessions if you are intending to continue rowing with our development program.