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Committee archive

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We made a loss and ended up in a significantly poorer position than in 07/08 and 08/09, based on a poor Lord Mayor’s Cup outcome, decrease in membership, declining function room activity, and an increase in our wage outlay.

Noteworthy financial stuff:

  • WARC-hosted pennant regatta was cancelled due to water contamination at Champ Lakes
  • We held an unexpectedly lucrative Gambling night fundraiser

These aren't noted in the reports but on reflection must had had an impact.

How we did:

  • 21 athletes went to Nationals
  • We were also represented at World Masters and Australian Masters, Nationals, Youth Cup, World Youth Champs, Youth Olympics, Fisa World Masters and the Intervarsity regatta.
  • We won six State Championships
  • We won 10 Masters championships
  • The men sank three times in the Perth to Freo
  • We had very few novices for 2010, attributed to the fact there was no continuing squad for LTR graduates and a comparatively small LMC contingent (21 crews.)

What we did new:

  • Ensured all boats were derigged before loading (this also happened in 2008, may have dropped off in 2009)
  • Allocated jobs for busy-bees on a schedule
  • We arrived on time for all regattas – a big improvement on 2009
  • Went to Moore River for a weekend
  • Bought a dinghy (only new boat purchase)
  • Hannah Vermeersch was the guest speaker at the annual dinner.

Stuff we thought about but didn't do:

  1. Fill in the ceiling of the gym for storage. We had the ability and the funds, however feedback from heritage (documents not on record) was that it wasn’t possible.
  2. Kidney Australia specialised program. Looks like a lot of pressure was put on the committee to get a program for organ transplant recipients off the ground, however confounding factors were lack of space, and lack of volunteers.
  3. Replacing the private scull racks to fit six rather than four was discussed and funded but never actioned on.
  4. Running the LMC at Champion Lakes. A great deal of consultation went in to the decision not to move, not least feedback from other clubs that this is largely a bad idea when they had tried it first.
  5. A nationals breakfast send-off. This was done in 2009 and recommended for 2010, however it interfered with training and there was no one to organise it.
  6. Proper archiving of papers. It looks like a letter was supposed to be sent to members asking them to return any documents, and then a safe and appropriate place found for them. Report with quite good recommendations was provided.


President: Warren Anderson; Vice Presidents: Trent Leach and Simon Johnson (unconfirmed); Captain: David Winch; Vice Captains; Michael Jones; Secretary: Leanne Youngs; Treasurer: Nick Reid; Committee members: Carolyn Murdoch, Rita Campbell, Zak Campbell, Deb Mason

Warren noted in his Presidents' report: "The 2009 regatta season success is mostly attributed to decisions made by previous committees."

What we did:

  • Won the season pennant, and came second in all pennant flags, first time since 1959.
  • Raised $2800 at a quiz night
  • Hosted both days of States, a huge effort
  • Generated $65K net income
  • Built storage areas in the gym
  • Installed blinds in the function room
  • Had another bumper LMC year of more than 40 crews
  • Paid an organiser for the LMC
  • Held a club breakfast for 90 people
  • Increased the captain's discretionary spend to $500
  • Celebrated 60 years of Alan Salisbury and Bill Irvine
  • Inducted Rob McKenzie as a life member

What we thought about but didn't do

  • Considered implementing some recommendations from Stuart Payne's 2006 seminal work on the deck replacement
  • Considered moving the function room office upstairs to use the current office as storage only


President: Warren Anderson; Vice Presidents Caine Holdsworth and Steve Parks; Captain Peta Rule; Vice Captain: Peter Tomic; Secretary: Marie Limb; BMC Clem Williams; committee members Tenille Scott, Janelle Austin, Phil Colby, Kim Scully and for a portion of the year Amy Walters.

How we did:

  • 2008 was a bit of a bumper year
  • Came second overall, won the B and C pennants
  • Won 67 races during the year, including 15 state Championships (although down on the estimated 18 due to States being cancelled)
  • Briefly topped the pennant table, ending a drought which started in 1966
  • Had 44 crews for the Lord Mayor’s Cup
  • Recorded 469 per cent increase in profit from the previous year, with net income of ~$55K.
  • Purchased the Zinga, Somerset, Moose*, Turps, Kaardar, Rufus, Williams, Banana*, speedboat, five ergos and 16 sweep oars.
  • 74 competitive athletes.

*denotes donation

Points of interest:

  • Second season of ROMS.
  • Concerns athletes were being “stuck” in grades were unfounded – tended to be complaints from athletes who neither rowed nor trained sufficiently to warrant grade change.
  • E-grade was introduced
  • Sweep blade storage moved from wall to between bays
  • Intention to paint oars red overturned
  • Andrew Taylor and Mike Lane bought the Moose, Warren donated the banana boat
  • City of Perth mooted plans to cease sponsorship of LMC
  • States was called off twice, resulting in WARC missing out on a likely additional three championships
  • First time we rented the gym for commercial purposes. This was roundly hated by rowers – though first mention of ergs being stored upright.

New stuff we did:

  • Put in audio system to the function room
  • Introduced agenda items to the committee
  • Bought 48 lockers (half donated by the Campbells)
  • Derigged prior to loading, and washed boats after regattas (this stopped after John Ciccerelli cut his hand on a fin and ended up in hospital)
  • Introduced “Squad X” (now Development)
  • Introduced casual summer rowing (but not called that at the time)
  • Introduced HTML-capable monthly membership emails
  • Started using the ASF fund for nationals travel and equipment donations

Stuff we thought about but didn't do:

  • Build lockable alcohol storage
  • Put cupboards under the sink in the women’s changeroom