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The $20,000 pile issue

Peta Rule

Water got in to affect one of the Jarrah and Wandoo piles which support the deck

Water got in to affect one of the Jarrah and Wandoo piles which support the deck

So this is a fairly dodgy illustration of what we think may have happened to one of the piles supporting the deck.

In the 1990s, the piles supporting the deck were 'capped' with concrete to protect the very strong Jarrah and Wandoo piles which were driven into the riverbed and support the deck.

(For the record, the piles under the club itself were also capped with concrete but it does down quite a way further than that of the deck, so this does not pose a risk under the club.)

In the 20 years since the deck piles were capped, it would appear the river bed may have sunk and as a result water has got in and damaged the wood at the base of one of the piles. The pile then fell over when we removed the deck.

We should be clear here: The integrity of the pile itself was fine, it could support the downward pressure put on by the deck. Rather, it was removing the deck which caused the pile to become unstable and go over, particularly as the narrow wooden stretch exposed to water was supporting a few hundred kilos of concrete.

This is why we have had to drive an additional pile into the riverbed on our lease to replace the one which fell over.

The additional cost is somewhere around the $20,000 mark.

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