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More than sport

The final count down

Peta Rule

In the words of Sweden's favourite sons of the 80s, glamour band Europe, it's the final count down.

Today is March 1. In just 10 days, we will draw a raffle that will change someone's life.

An exaggeration? I think not. A $10,000 holiday is the sort of things lifetime memories are made of. A new country, a new experience... maybe a whole bunch of countries. Perhaps we'll send someone off and they'll meet the love of their life, save cheetahs in Africa, discover enlightenment in China, scale a mountain, tame a Llama... who knows.

Perhaps this will give someone with four kids (including twins) a much needed break. (Not looking at anyone in particular... Marie...)

It is a pretty amazing gift for someone to receive, all for donating $20 towards replacement of our shoddy old rowing deck.

And so, now we're on the home stretch. 10 days to go.

10 days to sell 250 tickets to raise a final $5000, which means WARC will walk away with more than $30,000 towards the deck.

I know it feels like we've already tapped every possible resource for ticket sales - and I'd particularly like to thank those who adamantly swore they would not be able to sell a book, but sill managed to... You know who you are (Pete, Meg!).

So it's time to think outside the square and really push our online sales.

This is the URL:

Here are some tips:

Ask yourself. where else do you belong? 

  • Book club
  • Rotary club
  • An old rowing club
  • School alumni
  • University alumni
  • A union
  • A professional association

How about classes? Have you done a skippers ticket, yoga, cross-fit (ew), pilates, or a language class? 

How about a surf club - can you send an email to your patrol group?

Who else have you ever given money to?

Every year we are bombarded with charity bike rides, marathons, Movember and Dry July. It's time to call in that charitable karma and ask those you have supported to return the favour.

Did you remember to buy your own ticket?

So... yeah. Bit awkward, we have had entire books returned where people haven't bought their own ticket. If that's you, it's ok. We get it. But we do hope you'll jump online and buy one, even if you weren't able to sell a whole book.

Share the Facebook posts:

Here's an anecdote for you. Dee Sammut shared a post from the WARC facebook page... and sold EIGHT TICKETS with absolutely no effort.

Tell your story: 

Find a sales pitch. Here are some of the favourite personalised sales pitches we've heard. 

From Bella: "I have a 30cm scar on my leg from this awful deck, so please help me get rid of it."

From Brock: "I have been supported by my club to follow my Olympic dream, I hope you will help me support them back." (also Brock you're amazing)

So, that's the plan. 250 tickets. 10 days. Let's do this.