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Peta Rule

For the sharp-eyed punters out there, you may have noted this little gem in the back pages of the West's business section in the commercial property report.

Movement is afoot on the Great Barren Slab next door, which was first installed back in 2006. Finally it looks like the riverbed lease has been signed by DoubleTree Hilton which is a fair while after the luxury hotel brand was first mentioned as owners of the site.

Looks like we'll have another year of construction next door, and this article might be a little misleading - we're expecting additional piling work on the site to kick off actually very soon, so we will have works from now until September next year.

Captain Nick and the building maintenance committee has been clarifying with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority what sort of conditions are on this building exactly, to ensure WARC will remain protected and operational throughout.

It is good to know we will continue to have the second slip-road exit for the forseeable future, while the relevant authorities argue about whose responsibility it is.

I did have to smile at this line in the article: "Unfortunately a seabed lease was complicated by the involvement of a number of departments". If the DoubleTree gang ever read this: We feel you. Seriously. 

There are other cool things going on at WARC: Davinia, Brock and Rhys have been invited to continue trials for #Rio2016 over in NSW, thanks to the tireless work of one Peter Klemm and a LOT of awesome pro-bono work from Rob McKenzie and his team, we have a new lease prepared for Sassys on the Swan, and Mick Duxbury is in the process of fabricating some of the materials for the new deck.

It's also D-Day for the raffle returns, please make an effort to sell a whole book, leaving the club with a stack of partially sold books is actually quite problematic to deal with.

And that's the latest.