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More than sport

Everyone is fighting their own battles

Peta Rule

(Or the effect of a diffusion of responsibility)

By President PBR

The past couple of days, I've been asking WARC club members how ticket sales for the Grand Raffle are going.

Unsurprisingly, the responses I've been getting are a little terse. I get that - it's only just hit January, you're barely back at work.

Everyone has a story, a legitimate reason that makes selling Grand Raffle tickets hard. Harder than it should be, obstacles that seem pretty insurmountable, particularly when there are 250 books and more than 100 other people selling tickets - surely your book isn't so important?

And so I ask: Please, please don't give up just yet.

There are opportunities to sell tickets coming up:

  • Elizabeth Quay opens on January 29 and we'll have a stall on the morning of January 30 at the markets and we're expecting it to be busier than any of our previous ones.
  • On Australia Day, we can put a table outside WARC to sell water and raffle tickets to punters
  • We can look to sell some tickets at the event itself.
  • Ask anyone you have sponsored in the past to pick up a ticket - Movember, Dry July, Ride to Cure Cancer, whatever it is, call in your donation karma.
  • Take your book to barbecues, the cinema, Fringe Fest, whatver you're going and ask around.

Even more than that, I'm asking you to sell your tickets ahead of time.

And here is why:

There is a small team (read: three people) who must collect and audit all the tickets we receive. We need to check cash got to where it was meant to go, all the ticket stubs are correctly filled out and accounted for.

Each 20-ticket book takes about 15 minutes to audit - if there are no issues with it.

In total, that's 62 hours of collecting and auditing, or 20 hours each for us.

Your sales might not feel important but believe me, they are. At the moment we've only just sold enough tickets to clear the original outlay. It's very difficult to track sales (hence the reason I keep asking about it)

Diffusion of responsibility is happily something WARC suffers from less than other like organisations. However in this case, I am starting to be concerned that such an insidious psychological black hole might be present.

I hope not.