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More than sport

Page Three Girl and a new coxbox

Peta Rule

Jess Donnelly was our glorious page three girl today talking about the helicopter.

Just to update, Skyline Aviation has been in touch and is keen to work together.

This is the information provided in the City of Perth agenda, applied to a map:

I hope that helps paint the picture of what the situation is. In my view the issues we are facing are not insurmountable, but there are certainly issues.

In other news, your committee voted last night to buy a new NK coxbox. Just thought I'd share that :) HOORAY. 

Oh yeah, for any non-rowers reading this... a coxbox is not what you think.

The next newsletter will be drafted soon...ish. By popular request, we are re-introducing our "Dear Sam" segment, where people can write queries about boat maintenance and Sam will answer them. 

Here's a warm-up.

"Dear Sam: 

The shoes in the boat I rowed this morning are really loose. Could you please tighten them up so my feet don't move around?



"Dear Civilian-posing-as-a-rower,

There is a difference between boat maintenance and repairs. Maintenance is your job. Repairs are my job. To help you figure out whether something is your job or my job, I put together this handy flow chart.

Best wishes in learning to use a spanner,