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More than sport

Q: What do snowmen wear on their heads?

Peta Rule


Bella has been enjoying a puntastic Christmas this year with some spectacular groan-worthy jokes, and we could argue grown-worthy clothing - check out the jumper to the left. The good news is, it was all part of the new, rebranded and revamped Reindeer Regatta (formerly the Chook Cup, we've changed to a more festive form of fauna).

Reports from the front was the weather didn't play nicely with the occasional white caps thanks to a fair 20-knot breeze which adding a level of complexity to the scratch racing that was possibly not desirable. Of course, the Grumpies and Originals are perfect for such conditions so there was no swamping-related dramas.

Winners are in the picture above, if you are wondering at the order, the great D-Train (you may recall him from such blog posts as the recent boat naming) playing stringy for the team and was thus no doubt primarily responsible for the victory. The editor has dismissed rumours of a fair racing after learning of the line-up.

Meanwhile, bacon and eggs were order of the day on fluffy buns - clearly the best kind, but even the bacon was overshadowed by the unexpected arrival of Denika Kelsall, most recently seen galavanting around North America.

Congrats to the newbies who participated. We will teach you more thoroughly in the coming year the art of Reindeer racing, which by and large means starting well before the official call (this racing technique is known in broader rowing circles as "cheating.")

And thanks to Bella - firstly for the puns and the jumper, but mostly for organising - and Janet for sorting a pretty epic silver sparkly antler head for our perpetual Reindeer Regatta trophy. Well played.