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More than sport

A rhyme for rowers

Peta Rule

Today is international day of the volunteer. I thought I'd put a thanks together in rhyme for all the stuff this club does.

Every day we scrub the deck

Resulting in stinky socks, what the heck

Patch the hull, mend the door

Replace the planks, mop the floor

Coach the noobs, meet the board

Enter the crews, check the dinghies are moored

Rig and derig and rig again

And derig and rig just to begin

Order new riggers, replace the shoes

Collect the names to put them in crews

Fill out tedious forms for cash

Drive someone to hospital due to a gash

Straighten the fin, check it is linear

Go down to Bunnings and pick up vinegar

Mix the fuel and make sure it’s two-stroke

Service the speedboats so they don’t choke

Beg for money from big corporates

Ask again and again until we feel murderous

Take names and numbers and forms and fees

Know your homepage is set to seabreeze

Measure and pitch and polish and label

Oil the ergos, make sure they’re stable

Cringe at the hefty insurance bill

Be careful so the fuel can’t spill

Fix the tap, plug the leak

Return the oars so Sam won’t freak

Tow the trailer in the morning

Help Bill Irvine fix an awning

It is this stuff that keeps Wests afloat

So we can all get out in a boat

Happy international day of the volunteer.