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More than sport

Educating the masses

Peta Rule

Rowing WA hosted its first ever rowing conference this weekend, and we sent WARC coach and all-round-bogan-hero Jimmy O to learn some stuff.

This is what Jimmy had to report:


Nutrition is a key ingredient for rowing well. All rowers need to make sure they are taking n enough fuel during the rowing season. This fuel is best found in carbs which are required to allow your body to recover after hard sessions. If you have special dietary requirements due to food allergies etc it may be important to speak to a nutritionist about how best to manage your situation and make sure your body can recover properly. Emily Eaton works part time with WAIS and has experience working with rowers and is a qualified nutritionist who also works in private practice. Her email is or website

(Ed note: The Vine above was not from Jimmy. That was the president learning to use new social media toys. Badly, I might add).


Australian rowers don’t row enough. Nationally Rowing Australia has come to the realisation that our athletes don’t row enough distance to be competitive across multiple boat classes.

 As a result they are increasing the workload on National level athletes and this is likely to flow down to lower levels. As a result, for the club to be competitive next year we will need to increase the distances we are rowing. To do this in the same length of training session will require u to become more efficient in our stroke and provide greater speed.


There is no perfect style or technique! If you look at all of the current rowing world champions you will see a variety of rowing techniques and styles. The key thing all of these rowers do is move the boat well and they work together with the rest of the crew they are in. It is important that as rowers we work together and listen to the coach. This requires a compromise by all in the boat to help the boat move as fast as it can.

I learnt a few other things but I'm going to keep those under my hat for now.

- Jimmy.

So, that's the latest word from our senior coach.

On other things going on around the Club:

Parking and access

The never-ending Barrack Square works are ongoing and the western end of the service lane will be blocked on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to access the loading bay, you'll need to enter from the eastern end and reverse back out again. PLEASE don't drive on the bloody wooden planks, they're expensive and irritating to replace.

Jetty Inspection

The Department of Transport will be inspecting jetties on the Swan River in coming weeks. For the record, our jetty number is SR76, presumably meaning we were the 76th jetty to be registered on the Swan River. We'll be affixing this numeral to a visible spot on the river-facing side of the club. The ever-reliable Vos-dog did send through this pic where you can just see the requisite 76 to the right of the picture. He confessed he'd never known why it was there but this process has revealed yet another strange secret of WARC history.

(from left) the mostly naked person is Guy Negus, with Vossy (centre) and Clem Williams in the lemon-coloured shirt. 

(from left) the mostly naked person is Guy Negus, with Vossy (centre) and Clem Williams in the lemon-coloured shirt. 

Lots 9 & 10 at Elizabeth Quay:

I caught up with Stewart Johnston who is project manager for Lots 9 and 10 at Elizabeth Quay. I gave Stewart the run-down on the club, how long we've been here and how we operate. Stewart is now aware the City of Perth has given permission for Leighton Broad to build a second exit from the service lane to the east of the club (see previous post) which will negate the need for the rowing trailer to negotiate Barrack Square. Stewart is confident Fareast (the Ritz-Carlton site developer on Lot 10) and probably Brookfield (site 9) will support the retention of this additional exit throughout construction of their sites as well.

You can check out the details of the development here.

Welcome Daniel Tackenberg and Deirdre James

Luke Callier has left the position of CEO over at Rowing WA and Daniel Tackenberg has taken up the role. We're looking to invite Daniel to a famous Sassys breakfast soon to catch up and talk all things WARC. We'd also like to welcome the very accomplished Deirdre James. Deirdre will be taking up the position of functions manager here at WARC over the next few weeks as our beloved Stefanie travels through Europe. 

Bit of a monster blog today, so hope you got through it all. Happy rowing all and keep your eye out for a newsletter next week that will encompass upcoming events and the Chevron Work/Life balance event.