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Sentenced to Life

Peta Rule

Many rowing clubs throughout the world have a set criteria for life members. Despite a fair bit of research, I've not been able to uncover an existing set of criteria for WARC that would assist our Life Members Committee to select new inductees to the fold. The current process for inducting new life members at WARC is that the Life Members Committee tables its nomination to the WARC Committee meeting prior to the AGM for ratification, and the life member is then inducted at the AGM with a two-thirds majority vote of all present. Members can make recommendations to the Life Members Committee as well.

You may recall at the 2013 AGM, we introduced this process via the Life Members policy, detailed here. 

To date, there has been no set or understood criteria to help guide the Life Members Committee in this process. With a bit of research, we have drafted the following criteria, which has been agreed on by the Life Members Committee.

If suitable, this criteria will be voted upon at the upcoming AGM on Wednesday, October 1 at 6pm. 75 per cent of those present at the AGM will need to vote in favour of this new criteria for it to be adopted.

Note: Under Rule 19 of the WARC constitution, new rules must be circulated at least seven days before the AGM. It is my view this blog post and circulation via our newsletter satisfies this requirement.



A Life Membership is bestowed upon a member who has always put their efforts towards supporting and building the club first and foremost, and whose presence has been a driving force for the betterment of WARC and the sport of rowing generally.

Criteria include:

  1. 10 years membership at WARC
  2. Exceptional competitive achievement for the club at local/state/international representation.
  3. Exceptional administrative achievement
  4. Exceptional contribution to the sport of rowing generally

A candidate must satisfy point 1, and a minimum of two other criteria.

“Exceptional” may include:

(2a)  Achieving a State title, being part of a WA crew at a national level, and/or potential international representation on the Australian team. It may include an athlete who has competed at a consistent high level over many seasons representing WARC.

(3a)  Committee representation for at least 5 years, with leadership demonstrated in administrative change and new systems. It may also take into account:

  • Committee members who have ensured the best interest of the club have always been central to decisions,
  • Committee members who have actively upheld Club Rules
  • Committee members who have contributed significantly to fundraising efforts

(4a) Recognition for introducing new members and coaches to the Club

(4b)  Recognised achievement in umpiring, administration, or other service by Rowing WA can be taken into consideration but is not a primary reason for life membership.