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More than sport

A sad farewell

Peta Rule

(A version of this also appeared in our newsletter) Helen stevens

Today we also have the sad task of announcing that our Executive Officer of about eight years, Helen Stevens (pictured above), will be leaving the WA Rowing Club at the end of April. We will be arranging a farewell sundowner for her - where she will not have to man the bar!). Helen has been a tireless worker and supporter for the club, often her actions have kept us out of hot water. If you see her, please thank her for her many years of service.

Helen joined us when we needed her most - we had just taken on a new full-time coach and the club has grown rapidly while she has been with us.

One thing I do know is the very many people I meet who have been married at WARC will often comment on how special the experience was for them - it is people like Helen who make memories.

For those who don't know, Helen is an accomplished sportswoman in her own right - a lawn bowls expert, actually and although there are few similarities between going for a roll and going for an erg, it is her understanding of how clubs work that has made her particularly valuable.

Thank you mate, from all of us.