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More than sport

Saga of the Slips: Part Five

Peta Rule

Fundraising Leanne Read from the Australian Sports Foundation is assisting us to set up another "project" which means tax deductible donations can be made to the rowing club, by donating money to the ASF which is then released to WARC.

We already successfully use the ASF for all sorts of things, and currently we have two  open "projects":

  • Equipment
  • Team Travel

We now hope to have a third, which will be:

  • Capital works upgrade

Under normal circumstances, clubs would need a letter of support (sort of) from the land owner to do this. As the land owner is the Department of Transport but they are not the ultimate approvers of the work, they won't be in a position do to that.

So I'm hopeful the ASF will allow us to create the "project" without this piece of paperwork. We will also need to get a letter of support from Rowing WA, but I doubt this will be an issue.

Stay tuned, we will be looking for members past and present to dig deep to help replace and repair the deck.

You can find donation forms for our current projects here.

Approvals and project management

As previously mentioned in Saga of the Slips: Part Three, the Swan River Trust has advised we will not be able to complete this work under regulations and will have to apply for a Part 5 development application.

This will probably also result in us also requiring a Section 18 approval from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Due to the complexity of the project and this further development, we are actively looking for a project manager who would be interested in taking on management of the works.

Amelia and Janet are putting feelers out in their respective networks, however if there are other club members who may know friends/acquaintances/rowing partners/exes/whatever with this sort of experience, please consider approaching them for help.

We'll need every bit we can get.