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More than sport

The life and times of Guy Negus

Peta Rule

Thanks to Alan Salisbury for providing some background on past Patron and Kings Cup athlete, Guy Negus. The history of Guy Negus

1936: Joined the WA Rowing Club as a novice rower, and was in the bow of an eight when he won his first race.

1937: Easter carnival in Bunbury and Collie. Won novice races when Wests won the “Rose Cup.”

1938: Nicknamed “Tiger”. Was rowing at two seat when won the junior eight.

1939: Joined the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Research and trained at Farmborough in England.

1941: Served on the HMS Quorn between Channel Island and the Orkney Islands on escort duties in Western Approaches.

1942: Commandeered a motor launch in Freetown, West Africa, on escort and convoy duties. . Took part in D-Day landings.

Later transferred to Canada to train as a Fleet Air Arm Pilot.

1944: Graduation coincided with the end of the war.

1946: Demobilised at the rank of Lieutenant.

1946: Rejoined the WA Rowing Club and was selected in the WA Kings Cup Crew, which placed third to New South Wales and Victoria.

1947: Selected again for the Kings Cup crew which was held in Western Australia on the Swan River, placed third again(here's a picture of it). Also was in the champion eight, four and pair that year, and helped the club win the pennant.

1950: Was elected Club Captain and was a part of every crew which won a State Championship.

1951: Elected to the role of Treasurer.

1953: Organised and was part of the committee which formulated the Memorial Boat House Fund.

1954: Organised the purchase of the “Don Fraser.”

1956: Launched the Guy Negus four with the George Rogers pair. Raced at Ballarat’s Lake Wendouree in the WARC Olympic test four.

1958: WARC won the pennant – the first since 1947. Guy rowed in the championship eight, four and pair.

1959: WARC won the pennant… again.

1960: The Empire Games. Guy used his naval knowledge and with the help of club members, repainted the whole club house in one weekend.

1961: Club house rehabilitated and re-roofed.

1963: Guy introduced rowing to senior high schools.

1963-64: Organised and raised funds for the visit of 20 high school students to Henley.

1964-66: Low period in the Club’s performance.

1966: Started writing the WARC history 1868-1968

1967: Crews started winning races again.

1968: Presented the Club History of the centenary, and awarded Life Membership. Organised a coach for 80 club members who took part in every race at the Henley regatta in Melbourne.

1969: Migrated to the UK with his family – someone remarking that the club would fall without him. Guy replied that there would always be someone to keep things rolling along.

1970: Returned from the UK to attend the WARC annual dinner and visit family and friends.

1979: Was overjoyed when the clubhouse was listed as a heritage building – a move proposed by Bill Irvine.

1980: Visited Perth again to help sort out club accounts and the Memorial Boat Fund.

1986: Visited Perth and WARC.

1987: Elected Patron of WARC.

1988: (this isn’t in the original document) Updated the original 1868-1968 history to extend to 1988.

1990: Returned to Perth to christen the A Negus four and the O&M Negus. The latter was the first new boat for 20 years.

1991-1993: Continued to write to all heads of State to create interest and help from Government sources for finance and help to rebuild the clubhouse.

1993: Was overjoyed with the introduction of the DEET Scheme and financial assistance from the Commonwealth, assisted by the hard work of Richard Poole and Charles Somerset.

1994: Relinquished position of patron due to ill health.

1995-1998: Guy continued his financial support and interest in WARC, particularly as the club was reborn. Guy extended his written history of the club through to 1998, all from his home in the UK and completed prior to his passing. (The 1988-1998 part of the history is not currently held at the rowing club).

Easy Oar, Out bows you beauties, Home and dried. Rest in peace.

The incomplete works of Guy Negus:

Guy corresponded with many people on the subject of Wests. These are the letters we've been able to recover from our records so far.